Facebook Thread about a Chicken

Every year this comes up as a Facebook memory and every year Nick starts laughing hysterically and forcing me to relive this crazy time that we caught a chicken on a freeway:



Author: Green Acres Learning Curve

City girl stuck in the middle of No Where, Texas.

One thought on “Facebook Thread about a Chicken”

  1. What?!
    Back in about 1985, I had to drive my brother to school, and we stopped on the way to pick up two of his friends. It was storming fiercely, and waves were sloshing over Highway 1. I did not realize how much water was sloshing over or how dangerous it was until the water receded to expose a shark right in the lane in front of us! I totally freaked out while my brother’s friends ran out and grabbed it and put in the back of the station wagon. (Suburbans were known as station wagons before SUVS were invented.) We high tailed it out of there. I dropped them off at school. On the way back, I realized that I was not alone. That shark was still in back and would not die! A neighbor took care of that when I got back. It was not very good, but it was meaty. It might have been close to three feet long, which is big for that sort of shark. I do not remember what species it was, but it was a sort that lived in the harbor, like a leopard shark.
    Then there was Timmy.


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