22. A short story about a rooster…

I could see through the kitchen window that one of our roosters was struggling out in the winter weather. Because we have so many roosters this guy doesn’t really have his own place. Feeling badly for him I bundled up to brave the subarctic temperatures outside. My coat did little to protect me, from the 18° temperatures, as I fumbled around looking for a large crate. My hat did little to shelter my ears, from the 43mph winds, as I walked through the field to find hay for the crate. And I had absolutely nothing screening my vision when all that hay blew in my face and one small piece lodged itself securely in my right eye. After managing to remove the particle from eyeball I found a blanket and covered the crate (in an effort to offer even more protection from this horrid wind). Two female chickens immediately ran in and I thought surely Willis, the rooster, would be excited about the party potential of the crate. I leaned down to pick him up and he immediately flew at my face, bashing my nose and blooding it.
I came back inside, ate the last of Nick’s zucchini bread and watched, guilt free, as the rooster struggled out in the winter weather.

Author: Green Acres Learning Curve

City girl stuck in the middle of No Where, Texas.

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